The Battle Ends

This is my last post on the subject of Noah’s Right to Play Lacrosse or setting up Lacrosse at Abbott Tech. We have made a decision to transfer Noah to Danbury High School. This was a tough decision but we did this for many reasons. The primary reason is for academics and preparing for college. We just didn’t feel Abbott Tech met this criteria.

71 Olds Cutlass Supreme

Noah's First Car, 71 Olds Cutlass

As for working on cars and learning auto mechanics and auto-body, we came up with a solution for that. Noah bought a 1971 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible. It needs work but that’s exactly what Noah needs to learn. I’m also excited about this project and I get to work with Noah on it. It will definitely be a nice classic when we’re done.

I hope someday the CIAC will see it’s time for change and their rules need a major update. We tried, and hit a brick wall. I hope we were able to loosen the mortar and soon the wall will fall. For everyone in a similar situation like we were, whether you are home schooled or attending a school that does not have your sport, keep fighting for the chance to play.

I now turn over the site to Noah to manage as I teach him to use a blog and post related material to his athletic ventures, primarily Lacrosse and Football as well as his other interests.