1966 VW Beetle Body Work – Quarter Panel


There was quite a bit of rusted metal especially around the wheel wells. The driver’s side front quarter panel looks like it was once hit and then horribly repaired. It took a while to find a good replacement and then it had to be shipped via Greyhound Bus from California. Sometimes, I wish I lived out West. Greyhound takes forever to have things delivered. The panel is finally installed and more pictures coming soon.


  1. Douglas D Edwards says:

    you did a really nice job on the 66 bug. i have the same car with what sounds to have the same issues. its nice to see people taking time to brining back old cars still. mine on the other hand took a wild turn to south field. parts list: 1985 GMC 2.5 ton rockwell axles, 44×19.5×20 PBR tires/double bead lock wheels and tires, 1976 scout II frame, double triangulated front and rear custom four links, 18 inch twin spring coilovers, 1969 stroker 383 BB/727 automatic torque flight transmission-np205 twin stick transfer case, and a 1 foot wider/8 inch longer 1966 vw bug body. minus the whole nose. hopefully mine turn out looking as nice as yours does. at least in the time, patients, and respect/quality it took to do yours.

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